Re: OT Gene

James Bentley

I also do not know Gene personally.

However, he has contributed thousands of hours over the years sharing his skills and knowledge with those who have a serious need for assistance with computer and software technology.

I wish Gene a speedy and complete recovery. I sure will be thinking about him especially here during the Christmas season.

Hope to have him back soon.

James Bentley

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From: Christina Stolze
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Thank you very much for letting us know. I'm sure he wouldn't mind that you told us only after everyone kept asking about him. I will keep him in my prayers. I hope he is OK.

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From: Carlos []
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I just posted this on the chat group so I might as well say it here. I've
been trying to decide whether to say anything, but I'm hoping he won't mind.
Gene sent me a private message on the 30th of November asking to be switched
to "no mail" until further notice because he was very sick and going into
the hospital. I don't know him very well on a personal level so I didn't
feel comfortable asking for specifics, but I wished him well and told him I
would take care of the "no mail" issue. I figured it's been 12 days and a
couple of other members have asked me in private messages so I would have to
say something eventually.
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I am concerned about Gene and wonder if anyone knows how he is doing.


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