Re: Openbook 9 default folder to save documents change?

Mike B.

Hi Loy,
Here's how:
    If you want to save every file you want saved from Openbook to go to your My Documents folder do the following:
1. First we will need the file path to your My Documents folder from your C Drive so, do this.  Press enter on My Computer from your desktop & press enter
on your C drive.
2. Find Documents & Settings, press enter to open, Find Your Name folder, press enter to open, find My Documents, press enter to open but, do not select
anything after you open the My Documents folder.
3. Now, press the F6 key, this will show the file path to your My Documents folder, press control, + C to copy the file path to your clipboard.  You don't
need to select it it is already selected / highlighted.  After you have the file path copied to the clipboard press, shift + F6, to get out of that window
& Alt + F4 to close Documents & Settings.  Okay you have the file path copied to the clipboard so, now open Openbook because you are going to paste that
file path into your Openbook General Settings.
4. With Openbook open press, Alt + G, to open your settings options list, now press the letter, G, to open, General Settings.
5. Tab to, Default File Format, arrow up or down to select the file format you want to save your documents in.
6. Tab 1 time to, Default File Location, Press your backspace key to remove what's there, press, control + C, to paste your file path to your My documents folder right here.  The file path should look
something like below:
C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents
7. Tab to apply, press the spacebar,Tab to okay, press the spacebar to save your changes & close General Settings.  Now you need to save these new settings
as your default settings.  So press, Alt + G again, & you should be on, Save The Settings so press enter to open.  Tab a couple of times & make sure that,
All Settings, is checked.  Now tab 1 time to, Save, press enter.  You will hear something like, file default already exists, would you like to overwrite
it?, press the letter, Y, for yes.  Okay you are done.  Whenever you save a document from Openbook it should be saved in your My Documents folder in the
format of your choice.  Press, Alt + F, for the file menu, arrow up to, exit, press enter to close Openbook.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Can the default folder to save documents in Openbook 9 be changed?

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