Message Supposedly from Fastmail

Mike B.

Hi All and mainly Fastmail subscribers,
I received a message supposedly from Fastmail stating the following:
Subject line: Fastmail: Your messages are on hold status
Message :
Important Notice
Please Note: Starting from July 21 2021, we will be implementing new login authentication procedures in order to safeguard your account information. Part
of these procedures will be the introduction of our two step authentication system which will prevent access to your account by a third party, this system
will work by comparing information from the device being used to access our sites against data we previously hold regarding the devices you most frequently
In order for us to launch these new login authentication procedures we require you to complete our account verification process this should only take you
a few minutes to complete and will help us in safeguarding your account information.
Get Started
Please note: Failure to comply with our account verification process may lead to temporary suspension of access to our online and telephone banking service.
Best regards,
Fastmail's support team
 End of message:
Has any other Fastmail subscribers received this message?  I've written Fastmail and I'm waiting for a reply from them.  The email address this message above looks suspicious to me and this is why I'm asking list members that are Fastmail subscribers. 
The suspicious email address is: The Fastmail Team <schoen.eric@...>
All input is greatly appreciated, thanks much.

Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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