Re: What does anyone think of his site: Web Accessibility is accessiBe [ADA - WCAG 2.1 - Section 508]

Greg Wocher

Absolutely do not use these people. They are a rip off. As a matter of fact they were a sponsor of the NFB convention and then were pulled because of how bad they are. They can not deliver what they promise. Here is a link to the overlay fact sheet which can explain things better than I can.
This link should tell you what you need to know. 
Greg Wocher

On Jul 17, 2021, at 3:28 PM, Ron Canazzi <aa2vm@...> wrote:

Hi Group,

My church wants to know if this type of fee for accessibility service would be worth the $49.00 monthly.
Web Accessibility is accessiBe [ADA - WCAG 2.1 - Section 508] —

I visited some of the sites referenced and they look good, but I am wondering what other people think of such a service.

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