Re: android external keyboard question


hi Keith.
yes it is totally possible.
if your phone has a USB C port and if you search amazon for USB C to
USB A converter you will get lots of converters, pick any 1 and you
are good to go.
oneside of the converter will be a USB C which will connect to your
phone, other side will be a USB A which you can connect any low power
thing you want such as keyboards, mouse, storage media, excluding 3.5
inch desktop hard drives.

On 7/18/21, Keith S <> wrote:
Is it possible to attach an external USB keyboard to a samsung anroid

I have horrible neuropathy in my fingers and cannot use touch pads with much
ease like other blind and sighted users.

I wasked at my local walmart and they said that they had never heard of a
dongle or converter like the one I am asking about.

Thanks for any info.


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