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heather albright

Oh, I just stopped using it as it seemed to load much slower than brave. I was just wondering if the new version loaded better and if they got rid of that page lag. I do use brave and some times edge as sometimes brave blocks downloads and I just pop over to edge. I have not figured out why my brave shield blocks certain things like my books off bookshare, no spam. Just wanting to know if anyone is using the latest firefox, 9 is it not? If I try it, do I just go to or to the firefox download page? Does firefox have a shield blocker like brave? Thanks Heather

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I don’t use it often but it appears to me to be slower than Chrome-based browsers but I’m not sure if it is slower enough to matter much.  If you are comparing it to how it was in the first few months after I believe it is called Quantum came out, the state of the browser at that time can’t be used to determine what you think of it now.


Whether you use it much or not it’s a good idea to have it on a machine.  Most of the browsers blind people use now are Chrome or Chrome-based browsers.  Firefox isn’t chrome-based.  Therefore, if a site doesn’t work well on a Chrome-based browser, if that’s what you usually use, it may work better or perhaps significantly better in Firefox.



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Hello, I have not used firefox for over a year or so. I have been using brave instead. I missed the meeting concerning the new   firefox at the nfb convention. The reason I stopped was that it was slow and kind of laggy and sometimes when it updated, it stopped working.  So can someone tell me if they have fixed these issues? Thanks Heather


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