donating a laptop

Madison Martin

Hi all,
Don't know if anyone can help me, but I'm going to ask anyway. My old laptop is
just collecting dust on my desk, but it's still a perfectly good machine for
someone who doesn't care about having the latest and gratest in terms of
computers. Now I know there's Computers for the Blind in Texas, but as I live in
Canada I worry about what it would cost to ship it to them. Does anyone know of
anywhere closer where I could donate my laptop too? I'm not interested in
selling it because I don't know how much I'd get for it, plus I know that there
are many people especially visually impaired people who can't afford a brand-new
computer so if I could donate it to somewhere so that it could go to someone who
really needs/wants a good machine then I'd love to do that. Hope someone can
help me!!! Thanks

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