Re: Turning a xlf or spread sheet in to text

Teri McElroy

Hi Kay

If you go to the file menu and select save as, you can tab past the filename to a list of possible formats you can save as. One option in that list is a csv file, but there is also a text option. You can arrow up and down the list to select the option you want to save then tab to the save button and press enter.

On 20/07/2021 7:58 pm, Kay Malmquist wrote:
Hi all,
The subject pretty much says it.  I have a couple of very basic spreadsheets that are just schedules and my Braille display won't read them of course.  So, what is the quickest and easiest way to convert or just copy them as a text file.  I'm sure there is a way and I'd appreciate any help,As I need this to happen before Friday.  Thanks in anticipation.

Kay Malmquist
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