roller tips and hook attachments to canes

Keith S

Question on Roller tip cane attachments with hook attachment points...
I'm guessing that the easiest way to attach a hook attachment roller tip to a cane is to pull on the elastic to give enough slack and then unhook the original tip or old tip, whatever the case might be, and then hook the new cane tip on.
Bit of a dilemma on my part.
My new cane has a hook attachment tip but my old cane which the elastic broke in has a roller tip, but no way of figuring out  how to  remove the roller tip assembly.  If I pull on the roller tip the removable tip comes off, leaving the actual portion of the tip that turns in a circle on the  last section of the cane.  (I know, I'm not explaining this well).
It seems that the roller tip assembly actually slides onto the last section of the cane and something else needs to be done with the elastic inside the cane.
I have no idea how the original roller tip  assembly was attached to the cane due to  my O and M instructor doing the change/alteration to my original cane some 15 years ago and  I have not seen her since.
Any ideas of what I'm talking about and what I can do to switch out the roller tip on my broken cane to my new non-roller tip cane?
The new cane does have a hook style tip, but I am not sure about the old cane with the roller assembly tip thingie on it.

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