windows and iPhone questions

heather albright

Hello, I am trying to transfer data off my iPhone to my pc by grabbing them directly off the iPhone as the iPhone is like an external hard drive.

So my iPhone shows the date and time for the photos and the videos. But, when I grab them off the iPhone, it does not show all the time and day stamps. Is there something I need to do before I grab the data off my iPhone. Or do I need to relabel everything when I am transferring the data to the pc?

Also, can someone tell me is there away to put your favorites off the pc in to the i-cloud for safari? I have not used I-cloud to do this as it was always not very accessible in the past. Itunes wants to grab the favorites from explorer, firefox or chrome but, I do not keep my favorites in the browsers only in the windows favorites folder.

Thanks Heather


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