Re: is there a way to turn Spodify podcast links into RSS

Vicki W

Apple podcasts will no longer work after august 2.

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Yeah, see if you can find the Apple podcasts URL, then run them through this site:

On 7/20/2021 4:56 PM, joanne wrote:
While most podcasts are available on several platforms such as Apple and RSS subscribing, some podcasts on Spodify show no other options than using just Spodify. Using latest versions--2020 and sometimes 2021--of Jaws, I wonder how accessible this program is and I think you have to pay for Spodify. I don't know if you can actually subscribe and they download to your computer when there's a new program, or if you have to keep going to Spodify and seeing if anything new is out. The big question is, is there any way at all of finding an RSS feed imbedded somewhere in Spodify? Or is there a podcast program that will convert from Spodify's links to RSS links? I'd like to have options, and it bothers me that I could miss out on good podcasts because they're either not accessible or too costly.

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