Re: Will I need to change my address if I change internet provider?

Pamela Dominguez

When I moved, I was actually able to get my email from Cablevision, long after. The only thing that stopped me was my computer went bonkers. So I ended up having to get a gmail account. The people at Cablevision told me that when the cable was shut off the day before I moved, I wouldn't be able to use my inbox after that. But when I hooked up with Verizon Fios where I am now, I checked my old email box, and it was full of stuff that I could get, and it allowed me to reply to it and all. Pam.

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When we switched from Comcast to Cox cable because of a move, Comcast
allowed us to keep our e-mail addresses providing we used them at least once
a month. That was three years ago, so it may have changed, although it is
still working for us. You need to contact Comcast and tell them you are
switching and who your new provider will be. Once they give you the okay,
you may need to let your new provider know as well. They will no doubt give
you an e-mail address, but if it is the same as Cox cable, you just set up
your Comcast e-mail account the same as you always did in your Outlook or
whatever you use and it should work.

If you are wanting to get all of your mail via the new provider's website,
that will only work for them, but my husband got his comcast e-mail on the
comcast website for a long time after we moved until he added it to Outlook
and gets it that way instead.


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I have used comcast for over 10 years and we are seriously contenplating going to AT&T.

My current email addie ends in If we do change provider, must I also change my internet address?

If I have to change my address, do you have suggestion/s for an address source that I won't have to change but can take intact from one provider to another.

I use updated versions of win10, jaws and Thunderbird.

Help and suggestions greatly appreciated.


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