Re: Fire TV Extinguished

William Vandervest

Try this link

it is for a toshiba 32inch fire tv on amazon
hope this helps

William Vandervest
Win10 latest revision

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William Vandervest


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It appears my three-year-old Amazon (Toshiba) Fire TV has, for lack of a
better phrase, lost its fire. It will no longer connect or even find a
local Wi-Fi network despite repeated reboots, resets and restarts. All
the inputs still work, but without VoiceView, its not possible for me as
a non-seeing person to get past the startup nonsense telling me about
what it can't do and on to the things it still can do, so I think,
unless someone comes up with a miracle cure, it's time for a
replacement. Amazon doesn't deal with this product any more, so I'm
obviously on the hunt for a suitable replacement. Is it possible to get
this device from another reseller? I called BestBuy and they avow no
knowledge of such. While it was working, the TV performed well and was
easy to set up and operate, so I'd get another one in a heartbeat if I
could. But if someone has a better recommendation, I'm not averse to
hearing that either.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, P.S., I sent essentially this same message to the accessible Amazon
products list and got no response whatsoever. Is this product gone from
the earth? Too bad if that's so.

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