Re: jaws license and sma

John Holcomb II


So let me tell you my story.

I had an SMA thru 2023 already.

So if you went to and put  in my serial number, it said I had an SMA thru 2023 and wouldn’t let me buy.

However, when I called them they gave me the $120 price.

This  only works for one SMA, I  asked  if I could buy 2 at that discount and the  answer is a nope.

I was told that FS does offer these prices n every year around this time, but was also told do not quote her on that.

TO me this m means for as long as she’s been working there, around the m full month of July, you can get that discounted SMA rate.

But this, like anything could change.

I also asked if there was a clause as  to what would happen if FS went out of business, would a user get their money back?

To which sails responded most likely that  won’t happen (I don’t think it’d happen either), but in affect she had no idea what would happen in that situation.

SO  now I’m upgraded to 2025.

The reason why I did it, is that I I’ve heard rumblings of SMA’s going up in price, and I want to get my money’s worth from this product since I use it every day for my  primary.



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Let us know how it works out for you.  I have a feeling that they won’t let you do that, but I could be wrong.  LOL.

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