Re: Finding Passcode for Zoom Meeting


I don’t know if a Zoom invitation can contain only a phone number.  If you read it and you don’t see things clearly stated such as ID and then the code and then on another line password followed by the code, then it appears you don’t have such information.
Usually, before the information you are asking about, you get a link containing all the information you need.  If you follow that link, your default browser will open and you can launch zoom from the page that opens and be taken to the meeting.  You may do whichever you want, but that is a more convenient way, requiring less writing.

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I am using JAWS 2021 and Outlook.  I am trying to find the passcode for a Zoom meeting but do not see that on the meeting invite.  I am dialing in by phone only, and not activating the Zoom link.  Can anyone tell me if it is somewhere in the Outlook meeting invite that I am missing?







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