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If you want to see about Narrator, why not try NVDA.  I don’t know how you use your computer and I don’t know how well NVDA would meet your needs but it meets a lot of users’ needs well. 

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Yeah I  use it as my Only for the most part, too.

I say for the most part as I need to upgrade to Windows 10 soon. I’d like to see what  narrator offers, but I’ll probably wind up going back to JAWS honestly. And I really really want that SSD too.


Yeah worth a phone call every year!

I half expect that $120 to be higher next year, which is why I did it to begin with.

If it is higher in price next year or even two years from now, then I won’t have to buy that year.




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Good for you!  Ya, figured that you couldn’t buy more than one SMA upgrade at a time.  Anyway, sounds like you are set for quite awhile.  Worth a phone call.


I also use JAWS as my primary, and only, screen reader.



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