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Are you talking about scripts or user customization such as using frames?  JAWS is more user definable for those without knowledge of programming because of the ability to create frames.  Frames can be very important for making programs usable without having to have the delay and possible expense of having someone script for that program. 
NVDA uses scripts but the general user, as in JAWS, doesn’t directly work with, change or develop them. 
Each screen-reader has its advantages and does certain things better.NVDA will meet a lot of users’ needs but there are times when it is faster and more efficient to customize JAWS. 

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JAWS has a lot  more scripting capabilities that’s for sure Holly.




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Narrator in Windows 10 has much improved, but never come close to JAWS.  Some say NVDA is very good, but I have never tried it.  It is a free program though, although, they do accept donations.

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