strange issue between my screen reader and windows folders

heather albright

Hay, I have been having this issue after the latest update of windows but, do not know if it is a windows issue or a screen reader issue.

So lets say I open my documents folder or any other folder  off my windows10 pc and I try to close that folder after I am finish with it. I try to not just have folders open all the time so I close them regularly.

The folders will not close at all until I quit the jaws screen reader or NVDA screen reader. But, it mainly happens with jaws 2021.

It will allow me to close the folder after I quit the screen reader just like it should when I had the screen reader on.

I thought I just needed to restart the pc but, that did not fix the weird perplexing issue. I checked to see if the memory was an issue and I am still flying along. I cleaned my pc of all the extra junk from windows updates and temp files, issue still happens.

So any ideas? It just started happening  after the latest windows update. This is my current windows version:

“Version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1110)”


“Professional Edition

Version 2021.2102.34.”

MVDA version: “Version: 2020.4.”

I just do not know if it is a windows issue or a screen reader issue. Should I e-mail everyone? Has anyone had these issues?

Thank you all.



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