Re: Finding Passcode for Zoom Meeting

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Pamela, I don't know how your company is setting up its Zoom meetings. That
said, the general norm for Zoom is for you to find the link you received,
click on it and the meeting should launch with the MEETING ID and RELEVANT
PASSCODE automatically entered for you.

Sometimes, if the link is rather long, there could be a spill over to the
next line. In that circumstance, copy the link to the Clipboard, launch
Notepad, WordPad or Word, use Ctrl-V to paste the link, carefully read
through it one character at a time, then delete the extra unneeded space.
Next, copy the new link to the Clipboard, launch your browser of choice, and
press Ctrl-L to open the address bar, then Ctrl-V to paste the Clipboard
content and whack <enter>. The Zoom meeting should launch with no qualms.

Perhaps the above is a rather long process: No problem; carefully read the
message received, look for the MEETING ID which can be a string of ten
numbers and write it down somewhere; then find the MEETING PASSCODE,
typically six digits long, and write that down somewhere as well. Next,
launch your preferred browser and type:

Then click on the LAUNCH MEETING button, type in the MEETING ID, whack
<enter>; wait a moment, then type in the PASSCODE and you should be good to

I hope I made sense thus far. If not, please YELL AT ME and I'll try again.
Have fun zooming!

Denver, Colorado

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