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Carolyn Arnold

That is good to hear. Whenever our toaster wears out, I won't settle for anything less. We didn't have room for both. My husband likes toaster toast, so I gave my toaster oven away. That is great news to know that you can have both, and that I will do whenever ours goes out. He paid two dollars for it at a yard sale. I don't know how long he had it, but we've had it and used it daily for over four years, so I commend it for durability. I guess it's tuff and old like we are.

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Yes and they make newer models as I have sent out links to them. Most all the major brands make them like that. Like Hamilton beach and black and decker and weaver and the list goes on. If you read some of my earlier emails you will see links to them. If you think about it really makes a lot of sense instead of having a toaster and then a toaster oven. Just have it all in one and it will not take up any more space if as much.

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Pam, we have an older model toaster oven that has a door that opens on the front for things such as sandwiches and other things you would like to warm. There is a large open slot on the top where you place your bread, I think it will hold 4 slices of bread. As I stated, it is an older model and I'm not certain of the brand. There are several adjustable knobs on the front for setting the temperature and time. What I like is the timer actually has a bell that will let you know when your food is done. Just some info for you and the group. Have A Good One! de <KF8LT><Jim>.

On 10-Dec-15 16:42, Pamela Dominguez wrote:

I have never seen toaster ovens, even fancy ones, that have separate slots for toast. The kind I miss is the kind that had a lever you push down to start the toaster oven, like toasters do, so that you can leave your time and temperature controls where they are. Pam.

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Well, yes they are both toaster oven anything you can make toast in could be called a toaster or toaster overn the latter is infact usually have a elament in the top and some even have one in the top and bottom. And the real fancy ones will have a tray and eleament in the top and one in the bottome and slots on top for toast as well. It all depends on what you want and how much money you want to spend.

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I have seen small standalone ovens that have a broiler element in the top and I've seen some with slots in the top for making toast. Are they both called toaster ovens or could one be a broiler oven? Just wondered about the proper names? The one I have does not have bread slots.
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Thanks to all the info and I am ordering one today. I hate using the
conventional stove for heating up small items and my regular toaster
is on its last days. Living alone it seems a waste to use the big oven
when a little toaster oven would do the trick.

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Yeah, there's some unhealthy gooey glop inside a Pop Tart, which is
why I only eat them once in a while. And god only knows what's really
in the topping of those Ellio's frozen pizzas that I love so much
because they fit perfectly on the toaster oven baking pan. But, hey,
I just had my annual physical exam, and the doctor pronounced me in
perfect health, so I must be doing something right. For the record, I
work out religiously at least 2 hours daily, 7 days a week, so an
occasional Pop Tart probably won't kill me.


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From: Ron Canazzi
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...well enough about the toaster ovens, I use them a lot also. But
you actually eat those pop tarts? Do you know what's inside of them?
Don't ask! Just eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow--oh well, cancel
that last part.

Sorry couldn't resist!

On 12/8/2015 6:47 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

I have a Black & Decker 4 slice toaster oven, model TO-1313, which is
extremely easy to use. It has 3 mechanical knobs. The top knob sets
the temperature, the middle knob sets the cooking mode (warm, broil,
bake or toast, in that order), and the bottom knob sets the timer for
up to 30 minutes. I placed tactile dots at the 5 minute and 15
minute positions on the timer to make it easy to set, and I rarely
adjust the temperature knob, which I leave turned all the way to the
right at the 450 degree setting for toast and baking. This is by far
the most versatile appliance in my kitchen. I use it to make
everything from frozen waffles and Pop Tarts to pizza, chicken
patties, broiled salmon and plain old toast. I never use my
full-size oven anymore except for cooking on the stove top. My
toaster oven is so indespensible that I ordered another one yesterday
as a backup just in case the current one dies. The unit I ordered is
the Proctor Silex 4 slice toaster oven broiler, model 31140A, which
is available on EBay for a limited time while supplies last for only
$15.99 with free Fedex shipping. . My exsperience is that a toaster
oven won’t last very long, especially if you use it daily, because
the heating elements will eventually burn out. These units are all
made in China now, and the product quality is not what it used to be
when they were actually made by Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach, respectively, here in the US. But for only $16, you can’t go wrong.
Based on the product description, the Proctor Silex unit has the same
three mechanical knobs as the Black & Decker model, so it should be
just as easy to use. For anyone who is interested in a great ,
inexpensive Christmas gift for themselves or somebody else, check it out:


From: Marie
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I am thinking of getting a small 4 slice Black and Decker Toaster Oven.
does anyone on the list have any experience with this unit and its it
possible to mark the controls for accessibility?
Thanks, Marie

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