Re: Laptops, who is king of the hill?


Well, my brother recently purchased a laptop from Dell with a 1 TB
mechanical drive and 8 GB of RAM for a little over $600. Not quite sure
what processor is in the machine, but probably at least an i5.

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The prices do vary but I notice that there is a lot of "cheap laptops and a
lot of expensive laptops but the mid range prices are still a bit high
compared to when I first got my laptop. The site I looked it is and if you multiply the prices you see there by 1.52 then
you will get an approximation of what that model would cost in Dollars as £1
is equal to $1.52 but of course, this will fluctuate from day to day. but
it seems to be sitting around that point steadily for now. Walter.
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I don't have any specific recommendations at the moment, but I have to
disagree about the prices. If anything, laptop prices are lower than ever.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Laptops, who is king of the hill?

Hi all. In the new year I'm contemplating getting a laptop. It has
been a few years since I had one and things have moved on a fair bit since
then. However I would like to know which manufacturer is considered to have
the best quality products. A few years ago I saw a lot of posts on lists
like this moaning and complaining about HP but have they improved? are they
considered a good bet for quality and reliability now? There is a lot of
differing brands on offer but I'd like to consider your opinions on the
various brands and their pros and cons before seeking out a suitable model.
I've just looked at one web site and noticed that laptops are still rather
expensive. I actually want a laptop rather than a tablet because the hard
drives are larger and there is an integral keyboard and more than one USB.
I've discounted apple as Apple are too controlling, restrictive and it is a
completely new learning curve which I'm not inclined to embark on. I would
much prefer win7 as the OS, definitely not Win8. The site I looked at has
no Win10 which surprises me so I'll need to go with Win7, stick with what I
know I guess.

If you have an opinion on the various brands then will you please
let me know your thoughts and why you have come to the conclusions you have.
With thanks. Walter.


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