Re: Email Question

Shelly Kane

Thank you so much for explaining this to me.  I use a pop3 account and have for years.  Now at least I understand what's going on.  I wouldn't use my phone that much for email.  I was just looking into it.  If I don't download my mail right away onto Thunderbird, I can see it on the web or my phone.  I have no idea how to use IMap so I would rather stick with the pop3 which I know.  Thanks so much for your help.


On 7/29/2021 7:51 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi There,

You must have your mail account set to imap for this to woork properly.  Imap will automatically leave a copy on the server of all received mail.  With pop3, all e-mail is downloaded just one time and nothing is left on the server.
I forget what mail account you have, so i can't help any more than that.

On 7/29/2021 4:28 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:
Hi Group:

I have a complicated question about my email and hope someone can answer this.  I tried putting my email account on my phone last night so I can start looking at it and not get on the computer all the time.  So after I got it all set up, it worked great.  The mail downloaded just fine and I wanted to make sure it still worked in Thunderbird because I use the computer more. It downloaded in Thunderbird just fine but here's the problem. When I went back on the phone to see if the mail was in both places, Thunderbird blocked it.  My phone had no email on there.  It was wiped clean.  This happens also when I download mail into Thunderbird and I go to my gmail account on the web you can't see the mail on google either if it's already in Thunderbird.  Do any of you know why this keeps happening and is there anything simple I can do about it?  Thanks in advance for any help.


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