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What is the best exercise and stationary bike for the totally blind. A lot of exercise bikes that I have worked with have touch screens with the controls and information like speed and distance is built into the touch screen. Is there a talk or Braille exercise bike?
Cole Roberts

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Hi Jim,
Try the following:
Note: If you want to make these settings in a particular application / program, then open the application / program & open the Settings Center while in
the application / program & skip step #2.  If you want these settings for all applications follow all the steps below.
1. Open the Settings Center with, Insert / Jaws key + 6, on the number row above the main keyboard.
2. Press, Control, Shift, + D, to open Setting Center default all applications.
3. Arrow down to, Text Processing, & right arrow to open.
4. Arrow down to, Number & Date Processing, & right arrow to open.
Note: If you want the date to read correctly when it's in a number format, arrow down 1 time to, Numeric Date Processing, press the spacebar to toggle
through your options, & stop when Jaws reports, Some Translation.
5. Arrow down 1 time to, Number Processing, press the spacebar to toggle through the options.  Stop when Jaws reports, Controlled By Synthesizer.
6. Arrow down to, Speak Single Digits, right arrow to open, arrow down to, If Number Contains, press the spacebar to toggle through the options, & stop
when Jaws reports, Controlled By The Synthesizer.
7. Arrow down to, If number contains dashes, this box needs to be checked.
8. If you want dollar & cents amounts reported correctly, arrow down to, Speak Dollars, & make sure this box is checked.
9. Tab to, Apply, press the spacebar, tab to, Okay, press enter to save your changes & close the Settings Center.
Take care.
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Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Subject: [TechTalk] How to get Jaws 2021 reading number not numerals'

My system win 7 JAWS 2021
How do I set Jaws to read numbers like 3500 as thirty five hundred and
not by 3, 5, 0, 0?

Jim Elsner

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