Re: NFL on the iPhone?

Rich De Steno <ironrock@...>

There are a few options. You can buy Pro Football Radio for 99 cents, but it is a hit and miss proposition. I Have it and it works well enough for me. They give you a list of possible stations for every team and you usully get the game after you try a few, but no guarantees. If you want an official "sure thing", Tune-in Radio advertises a premium version for $8.99 per month, which gets you all NFL games plus many recorded books and commercial-free stations, but I do not use that myself.

Rich De Steno

On 12/13/2015 5:41 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
Like at bat, for MLB, is there an ap for the IiPhone which does the same? pick local broadcasts for games, or any broadcast for a fee?
At bat is $2.99 per month without the TV option, just "game day audio," which is all I would want.

Curtis Delzer
San Bernardino, CA

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