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Robin Frost

the NFL has their own app but it's horrid in my humble view and their new game pass isn't worth the money if you just want audio. I can vouch for the tune In option. it is in real-time I.E. no 5 minute delay as some other services such as sirius xm have in place. I'd read they plan to add other major sporting leagues in the future as well.
Some of the free apps from individual teams also often feature radio broadcast options therein as well but their accessibility I.E. labeling of buttons is hit or miss.
So Tune In might be your best bet.
I hope that helps.

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From: Rich De Steno
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There are a few options. You can buy Pro Football Radio for 99 cents,
but it is a hit and miss proposition. I Have it and it works well
enough for me. They give you a list of possible stations for every team
and you usully get the game after you try a few, but no guarantees. If
you want an official "sure thing", Tune-in Radio advertises a premium
version for $8.99 per month, which gets you all NFL games plus many
recorded books and commercial-free stations, but I do not use that myself.

Rich De Steno

On 12/13/2015 5:41 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
Like at bat, for MLB, is there an ap for the IiPhone which does the same? pick local broadcasts for games, or any broadcast for a fee?
At bat is $2.99 per month without the TV option, just "game day audio," which is all I would want.

Curtis Delzer
San Bernardino, CA

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