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Robin Frost

I just bought one of the Toshiba Satellite series.  It’s my second one from them. The machine is reliable, powerful and its onboard sound isn’t tinny as some laptops can be. I mention this because while there are plenty of output options to address this if one has to use it on the road for instance listening to speech through bad speakers can wear on one. I’m very happy with it and it was easy to reconfigure the function keys so they’d operate as normal. Many laptops today configure them to do special things and one must go into bios to address this but not with this model I’m glad to report.
I hope that helps.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Laptops, who is king of the hill?

Hi all.  In the new year I'm contemplating getting a laptop.  It has been a few years since I had one and things have moved on a fair bit since then.  However I would like to know which manufacturer is considered to have the best quality products.  A few years ago I saw a lot of posts on lists like this moaning and complaining about HP but have they improved?  are they considered a good bet for quality and reliability now?  There is a lot of differing brands on offer but I'd like to consider your opinions on the various brands and their pros and cons before seeking out a suitable model.  I've just looked at one web site and noticed that laptops are still rather expensive.  I actually want a laptop rather than a tablet because the hard drives are larger and there is an integral keyboard and more than one USB.  I've discounted apple as Apple are too controlling, restrictive and it is a completely new learning curve which I'm not inclined to embark on.  I would much prefer win7 as the OS, definitely not Win8.  The site I looked at has no Win10 which surprises me so I'll need to go with Win7, stick with what I know I guess.


If you have an opinion on the various brands then will you please let me know your thoughts and why you have come to the conclusions you have.  With thanks.  Walter.

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