Re: alt-texting on various devices


I would recommend checking your voice over and speech settings to see if there is something about alt text under there. It should automatically recognize it but I’m not sure if there is something you have to turn on in order for it to recognize the text in an image. 


On Aug 1, 2021, at 10:08 PM, heather albright <kd5cbl@...> wrote:

Hay I JUST HAPPENED TO NOTICE THAT ONE OF THE face-book post I was following was alt-text when I read it off the pc but, I read the same off my iPhone and the alt-text was not on the post, the same post. Can anyone tell me why if it is alt-texted only the pc shows it and the iPhone does not?  I thought it was universal if it was alt-texted on 1 platform, it was for the other.

Thanks Heather



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