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I understand.  For casual listening it probably isn't a big deal.  I was just providing clarification.  Just some thoughts to keep in mind for more important material.

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This was just a quick fix for a very casual and immediate need. The file was already toast when I got it. I usually don’t work with ccompressed audio when altering files for long term results.


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Hi Merv,

Just be aware that increasing the level of a file with Pazera Audio Extractor involves transcoding which means loss of audio quality if the target format is not lossless like wav or flac.  If the source file is an MP3 and you want to modify the gain without quality loss, you are better off using a program like MP3Gain.

Also, increasing the bitrate of a lossy format like MP3 does not improve the audio quality.  It actually reduces the quality because once again you are transcoding to a lossy format which means the encoder is throwing away even more data.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Pizzara Audio Extractor



I apologize if I am not spelling that correctly but I’m currently typing with a blinding headache right now. I wanted to thank Carlos again for the above stated audio utility. I have been meaning to try some of the other utilities on the list above what I am already using but I have had this one for a while thanks to his recommendation. Today I had a file that did not need converted but it did need the volume boosted quite a bit. It really didn’t need normalized or a bunch of fancy audio work in goldwave or any other application I might have. So I just very quickly brought it up and boosted the volume and while I was at it boosted the bit rate and it now sounds much better for the casual listening in which it was intended. So I wanted to thank Carlos again and throw that out there if anyone thinks that utility is just for converting from one file to another.



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