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goshawk on horseback

don't know about the scripts issue, as haven't had that here.
I assume you found the "record" option in the menus? if not, it's in the "extras" menu.
once you are in that, have set your file name, format, and all that, press the alt key for the menu, and one will come up called "record"
in there, you should find 4 options,
and "new file".
hope that helps.

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Hey there,

So I downloaded the arthax program, and every  time it asks if I want to install the scripts, I say yes. And it says  error cant’ install scripts and closes.

I also checked the website and the articles section, and there is nothing on how to record with the program.

Can you give me some pointers please?

I’ve got it set to Flac and max compression but dunno what to do from here.





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for the recording, I would say give arthax a go. I am using it with win7,

but as it is a fairly new program, don't see why it wouldn't work with


it has a super useful audio monitoring feature, which is great if one needs

to set levels, eq, and things, and it can do wav, mp3, or flac recordings.

have been using it to remaster a lot of tapes over the covid imprisonment



I tend to use wavepad for any editing work.


hope this helps.





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I only need simple stereo recording, and do not need  a multi-track


I'm only recording off an FM tuner.




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For audio recording I highly recommend Audacity and/or Reaper. Both are

accessible with either JAWS or NVDA. For Reaper you must download an

extension called OSARA in order to use it with screen readers though.


Recording in Audacity is easier and involves less steps, it is also great

for basic editing and splicing of recordings and it should work with loop

playback. However, if you're doing more extensive work with effects and need

better, non destructive fading and stuff, Reaper is better. If anything, I

recommend having both on your system because you may find both useful for

different things. Audacity is totally free and open source while Reaper has

an indefinite full featured trial period so you could use it for free

forever, however you should pay the $60 license if you can.


By the way, Audacity and Reaper are some of the most popular and mainstream

audio editing and mixing apps in the sighted world too :)


On 8/3/21, John Holcomb II <jhii926@...> wrote:

> Sound Forge Studio 10 won't work under Windows 10, so I've found.

> I've got an upgrade to Studio 15 $35, and  can get the new JAWS

> scripts from Jim Snowbarjer.

> But before I do this, what other solutions do people use for recording

> audio?

> I need to be able to record, normalize, save to *.flac, be able to cut

> audio and loop playback. I record from an external sound card.

> Fade options are a must too.

> I know some have used GoldWave but do not believe scripts are being

> updated for it anymore.

> Man I am glad I don't have Windows 10 on my primary computer yet!

> I've had to get sited help to install sound card drivers for my

> Creative card which also doesn't work on Windows 10 natively without

> drivers from the company, like Windows  7 did.

> I'm going to be upgrading to Windows 10 soon on my main box since Jaws

> 2022 won't support 7. So I wanna make sure I got all of my ducks in a row.

> I was told my GeForce 210 video card will work, now I gotta get the

> audio stuff working.

> Thanks,

> John

> Thanks,

> John

















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