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Are there any good tutorials for sound forge? I’ve use the program a little bit over the years, but I’ve never found any tutorials.

On Aug 3, 2021, at 10:54 PM, Curtis Delzer <> wrote:

stick with sound forge, has overall the best keyboard support and with Jim's scripts it is nice enough to play as you wish it too. I have SF14, and was never offered to update to SF15 for anything like $35, you lucky duck. :)

On 8/3/2021 2:34 PM, John Holcomb II wrote:
Sound Forge Studio 10 won’t work under Windows 10, so I’ve found.
I’ve got an upgrade to Studio 15 $35, and can get the new JAWS scripts from Jim Snowbarjer.
But before I do this, what other solutions do people use for recording audio?
I need to be able to record, normalize, save to *.flac, be able to cut audio and loop playback. I record from an external sound card.
Fade options are a must too.
I know some have used GoldWave but do not believe scripts are being updated for it anymore.
Man I am glad I don’t have Windows 10 on my primary computer yet!
I’ve had to get sited help to install sound card drivers for my Creative card which also doesn’t work on Windows 10 natively without drivers from the company, like Windows 7 did.
I’m going to be upgrading to Windows 10 soon on my main box since Jaws 2022 won’t support 7. So I wanna make sure I got all of my ducks in a row.
I was told my GeForce 210 video card will work, now I gotta get the audio stuff working.
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