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I don’t recall hearing of this problem before.  When you are using NVDA, see if you are in browse mode when in the message list.  You manually toggle between browse mode and forms mode with the command NVDA space.  If you use that command and you switch modes, see if you can find the folder’s list then.  I don’t use Outlook and I don’t know if you might be in browse mode now.  But when situations like this come up and I can’t find what I want, I check to see if I am in  browse mode.
That allows me to use things like options properly in Firefox, that is, switching to forms mode, and it allows me to see things when working in settings in browsers like Cchrome and Edge such as the place where I change categories.

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Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2021 4:17 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Problems with outlook 2019 and NVDA

Hi folks.  I have had to have a complete re-install of Win10 and as I want to learn how to use NVDA I’ve not activated the Jaws I have on my computer.  If I did activate it, when I encounter a problem like I have now I would just launch Jaws and deal with it that way.  So, my issue is I’m using outlook 2019 but I can’t find my deleted items folder nor sent items nor any other of the folders I’ve created.  As I said I’m using Outlook 2019 with the latest NVDA and Win10.  When I’m in my inbox and tab around I get various search options but none of them lead me to my other folders.  I called a friend who remotely saw the screen and he could see the deleted items, sent items, junk, drafts etc. but it was only when I turned off NVDA that he could access them but when NVDA is on I can’t get it to get focus on those folders.  Is there any NVDA shortcut keystrokes to take me to those folders?  In Jaws and when I’m in my in box and when I tab I come to a tree view where I can use first letter navigation to get to the folders I want.  I’ve looked on line for help with this but I could find nothing that addresses my issue.  Hope somebody can help as I would like to persevere with learning NVDA.  With many thanks.  Walter.

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