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Carolyn Arnold

Someone told me that, when I bought this computer with Windows 10, but Microsoft Disabiity did one for me and told me how to do the rest.

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Hi Group,

I haven't played with Mail for Windows or the Mail app at all, but I remember people saying that you could not assign message filters/rules in that program. Is this still true?

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Hi. It’s under message list settings.

Open the mail client. Tab to settings and press spacebar.

Tab to Message list and press spacebar.

Tab five times. You will land on a set of radio buttons. Individual messages and group by conversation. Select individual messages.

Press escape to close settings.

Hope this helps.


Chris Judge


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Hi, John, I'm afraid your best bet here is to change that setting so it displays messages individually instead of in threads. It's been a while since I've done this, but I believe it's in the reading settings. I hope that helps.

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