Reading a PDF Document on the Internet

Veronica Kirk

Hello to all,


I am in need of some help please.  I recently ordered a battery for my laptop and a docking station from Dell, both of which I have received.  However, I am going to return the docking station, as my nephew discovered that my original docking station still works (thank goodness), and the docking station I just received is not compatible with my monitor.  I plan to e-mail the gentleman from Dell who helped me with the purchase to inquire about the mailing address and send him the details about the item I am returning.  Some of the information I need is on a PDF document, which when opened is opened on the internet.  I need to know how to read the document on the internet.  This is on a windows 7 machine and I am using MS Edge.  I know I can use the read aloud feature, but I want to read it with JAWS so that I can read it line by line.  Your help will be very much appreciated.




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