Re: Thunderbird Issue

Shelly Kane

Thank you all for your help. Gene, I should never had changed my
password with if I knew it would screw up my email the way
it has. I have been having trouble with my account on Facebook and I
have been locked out three times in 3 weeks where I had to change my
password there. I'm getting fed up because I have no idea why they
keep locking me out. Facebook keeps telling me that they are seeing
suspicious activity and that's why I'm being locked out. Ron, I have
no speech when I go into account settings. After I turn off the
virtual cursor, how do I get it back on or does it automatically go
back on when I exit out of account settings? I will try again and
check the port number and insert the right on if it has been turned
off. Thanks for trying to help.

On 8/10/21, Curtis Delzer <> wrote:
Check the receiving mail or pop server port number, which can get
screwed up by just accidentally pressing an arrow key which would cause
that time-out message since it's listening on the wrong port number.

On 8/10/2021 2:32 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:
    Hi Group:

I thought I would post this here to see if different opinions come in.
On Wednesday, I changed my gmail password because it hasn't been done in
8 years and thought it was time.  After I changed it, I was able to
receive mail but then I couldn't send it.  I put in the password but it
kept rejecting it so I went in to account settings and something got
screwed up when I did that because now I can send mail but I can't
receive it.  I can get it on my phone and go to the website but it's not
downloading into my inbox in Thunderbird.  What happens when I open
Thunderbird, it does nothing and then a few minutes later, it says the
pop3 server has timed out.  I'm in the view window where I could go to
the different boxes.  Jaws doesn't speak while I'm in account settings
so I don't know if I hit something accidentally or not.  If someone can
offer any assistance on how to get my mail coming back into Thunderbird,
I would greatly appreciate it.  Simple instructions please!  Thanks in


Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

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