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Shelly Kane


Thank you for changing the thread title in regards to Facebook.  I'm relieved to hear that others are having trouble and it's not just me.  Sorry that it's happening to you also.  I looked for a place to report a problem but couldn't find anything.  If you wouldn't mind, could you point me in the right direction and I would be happy to complain.  It's driving me nuts.  I talked with someone else and she told me that she checked it out while doing a search and a lot of other people are having this issue.  She told me that it's no one getting into my account that it's something with Facebook.  The first time it happened, it actually scared me.  After the third time, I got aggravated.  Thanks again for posting.


On 8/10/2021 6:32 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
I'm starting a new thread in response to Shelley Kane's comment in a previous conversation about being locked out of Facebook for no apparent reason. I'm also having the same issue. I've had to change my password several times in the past month. 

I reported this as a problem on Facebook and urge others with this issue to do the same. If a lot of people complain about this, maybe they'll do something about it.

Also, someone suggested setting up two-factor authentification on Facebook. I haven't tried this yet, but I have a link to get started with this process if anyone wants it. I hope this is helpful to anyone else having this issue.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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