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Yes.  When you make a change using one device, that change is shown on all devices.  That is one of the main reasons people use IMAP, that you can look at and delete or move or whatever you want, messages and on another device, such as a computer, you will see exactly the same thing, reflecting anything you did on  the other device.  If you look at your messages and delete the ones you have read during the day using your phone, then in the evening, you look at messages using your computer, you won’t see the messages you have already read on  your phone. 

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Hi Group:


The Thunderbird issue has finally been solved.  Curtis, thank you for letting me know that the port number could be off just by hitting the arrow keys.  That's exactly what it was.  I decided to get an iMap account set up and I needed sighted help for that.  We had no problem setting it up on Google but when we got to Thunderbird, it took some time.  We finally got it and everything seems to be working for the moment.  Hopefully this won't happen again.  Thanks for trying to assist me.  I am very glad this group is here.  I do have one more question, with iMap, the messages are on my phone and computer.  If I delete the messages on my phone, will that delete them on the computer?  Thanks again.


On 8/10/2021 3:54 AM, Gene wrote:
I’m not sure how to solve your problem.  I can tell you how to avoid unnecessary problems of this sort in the first place. 
Don’t make trouble and inconvenience for yourself for no reason.  there may be sites where changing a password over time may be advisable but I don’t know that.  If your password is adequate, that is strong as that is defined, and nothing has happened on a site, I don’t see why it should be changed.  As far as I know, Just having a password for a period of time doesn’t make it more dangerous.  Others may wish to comment.
In the case of GMail, you don’t need to worry unless your  password isn’t strong.  I doubt Google would have let you use one that isn’t strong.  I believe I was asked to change a very old password by Google years ago because it wasn’t strong.  I had set up my GMail account perhaps in the early 2000’s.  I would think Google wouldn’t have let you use a password that isn’t strong eight years ago. 
Google informs you if someone has signed into your account using an unknown device and you can tell Google if it is you.  this notice is routinely sent out whenever this happens.  Google also sends out a notice even if someone tries to log into your account with an unknown device and fails.  There is no reason to change the password just because time passes and if someone unsuccessfully tries to log in and fails, though your password is likely not known, you may wish to change it to be safer. 
Even when I sign into Gmail from an unknown location or using a device I haven’t signed in with before, Google notifies me and asks if it is me.
I hope you solve your problems soon.
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    Hi Group:

I thought I would post this here to see if different opinions come in. 
On Wednesday, I changed my gmail password because it hasn't been done in
8 years and thought it was time.  After I changed it, I was able to
receive mail but then I couldn't send it.  I put in the password but it
kept rejecting it so I went in to account settings and something got
screwed up when I did that because now I can send mail but I can't
receive it.  I can get it on my phone and go to the website but it's not
downloading into my inbox in Thunderbird.  What happens when I open
Thunderbird, it does nothing and then a few minutes later, it says the
pop3 server has timed out.  I'm in the view window where I could go to
the different boxes.  Jaws doesn't speak while I'm in account settings
so I don't know if I hit something accidentally or not.  If someone can
offer any assistance on how to get my mail coming back into Thunderbird,
I would greatly appreciate it.  Simple instructions please!  Thanks in


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