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heather albright

Okay, I will contact them and see if they can do their form differently. I know in the past, it had been accessible but, I did not think about the person who puts the form in. Heather


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The last time I used it on my iPhone, it was accessible.





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Ah yes, I got it to come up! I wanted to know is the IOS APP FOR DocuSign WORK TOO? MY CONTRACTER HAS A BABLIT ON HIS PADD! I HAVE NEVER USED THIS BEFORE. Thanks Heather


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If it's the form I think it is then it is accessible with JAWS and

NVDA. When you click on the link to bring up the form from the email

you will need to arrow down until it says something like "press enter

for screen readers" or "press enter for accessibility" or something

similar. Once you do that you need to arrow down to the part where you

accept signing digitally. After that every thing you need to initial

or sign on the document is simply pressing enter on that button. Hope

this helps.





On 8/13/21, Vicki W <vwherry4@...> wrote:

> That may have been my problem as well, not the site, but the form the person

> wrote. That certainly would explain why it was fairly easy the first few

> times three years ago and quite difficult the few times I've had to use it

> in the last couple of months.

> Vicki

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>   I had to use it a few times to do something for school and have had no

> problems. The only thing is the form navigation sometimes takes a bit to get

> used to… But that is the fault  of the person who writes the form. my school

> created a video to help you fill out the form and I was able to use that to

> navigate and fill in the form when I did it.

>   Melissa

>     On Aug 13, 2021, at 4:18 AM, heather albright <kd5cbl@...> wrote:


>     Hello, I have to sign a contract using DocuSign. I could not get any

> accessibility help off their site and the idiots did not answer my question

> about weather  or not it worked with assistive technology. So my question is

> has anyone used this DocuSign to sign or fill out contracts? Their tech

> support is much to be desired. Thanks Heather

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