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heather albright

Very interesting. I learned something knew, thanks from watching the video. I like the fact that the speech was normal sounding unlike when they came to the NFB convention and it was going super fast. That had to be the worst demonstration I sat in for at the convention.

 was just wondering why does Chromebox sound so crappy.  I always think I went back in time from my old keynote gold days when I was in elementary school As the male voice sounds like the old voice and the old weather radar.  The female voice reminds me of the old startrek computer if I can get her to say “working, ready,  how do you feel, how do you feel,”” I look around for Mr. spock! Just thought I might ask on this list. So can you use a different voice if you need too?

Thanks Heather



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I've just released part two of my Chromebook accessibility tutorial. During this quick tutorial, I discuss and demonstrate Chromevox for web browsing, and talk about some ways to traverse through a web page.





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