Re: feeling stuck friends


Two possibilities come to mind:

1. Have you checked your spam folder on, or just in Outlook 2016?

2. may be bouncing messages from those mailing lists. If
this is the case the easiest thing to do to remedy it is to use a
different email provider for these lists.

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On 8/17/21, Sugar Lopez <> wrote:
Hello friends,

I have a issue and I am not sure who else to turn to.

I am in a bind.

I use windows 10, Jaws 2016 and outlook 2016.

for years I was receiving 2 newsletters in my in box, no problem

it seems that it has been several months since I last received these 2

Diabetic Gourmet and Dr. Axe.

I’ve emptied my spam folder and I look through them every morning and
through out the day, nothing there.

I have contacted sbc and they are no help

I have contacted Microsoft disability but they can’t assist me in this

so I look to the wise folks here for any guidance on what I can do to be
able to get these newsletters again?

I have contacted both parties and they have assured me that they have added
me and that they show they have sent them to me

still, I have not found them anywhere.

can someone shed some light on me?

thanks in advance.


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