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heather albright

Hello, I can read the site and I cant log in till the event on august 26. I am using windows10 latest with jaws 2021 latest. I use the brave browser off the pc and I have all 3 screen readers: narrator, NVDA and jaws. I am mainly a NVDA/JAWS user but, I have used narrator just in case I have to use it I can do so if I need too. I do have voice over with safari too. I was hoping they had a test room just to see if it will work like zoom does. I did not see one, maybe I missed it? I thought I saw a message about someone using it off their phone, I can not find that message. Was it an iPhone and was it recently. Thanks everyone for all the help. I mainly use zoom and I can get the jaws webinars and I thought this would be the same. I also use Microsoft teams and Skype. I still think the zoom platform by far is the most accessible; not that the others are not accessible but zoom is the one I like the best.




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Morning all,


Heather, what browser are you using?  What version of Jaws?


I just tried this site with Jaws16 and Win7.  I used Google Chrome as

the browser.  I could read the main page very well.  I didn't log in,

but I was able to see all links.  Now, I didn't try it in Win10 with

the latest version of Jaws.  When did you start getting the blank

screens?   Was it before or after you logged in.  Somebody needs to

test this more thoroughly.  I suspect that it probably *does* work with

Jaws but it needs some tweaking.  Works with System Access.  I'd try

Google Chrome I didn't try NVDA, but that might be an option as well. 

Caveat, I repeat, I didn't log in, so all I saw was the main page.  If

you're trying to access this thing with MSIE, you probably won't get

the best results as MSIE is legacy software.  I like Chrome.  I don't

care for Edge, and although I can use FF, I prefer Google Chrome

because it works with most things.


It should work with Jaws, if it truly doesn't, once you log in, then

they need to fix it.


One thing I have noticed over the years is that it is always a good

idea to have more than one screen reader and more than one browser on

your system.  There are differences in browsers and in screen readers,

and one short-changes oneself if one sticks to just one screen reader

or one browser.  Does the site work with a braille display?


Ann P.



Original message:


> All the message said that was sent to me was this, “Good morning, Ms. Albright,


> We have received a response from our Accessibility Coordinator

> informing us that unfortunately, GoToWebinar does not work with JAWS.


> Here is the site, I had to search it from the message:




> It is the platform that I have to do training in.


> Thanks Heather


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> Heather,


> We can't help you if you don't have any information about this webinar


> client. What is its web site? What is its real name and how is it


> spelled? gotowebinar, is that it?


> Ann P.


> Original message:


>> Has anyone used this platform, I saw a post that some one sent on june


>> 11 2021 Accessibility to GtM for blind people - LogMeIn Community form.


>> “We have blind clients that told us they cannot access webinars as


>> attendees, whereas they do not encounter the same problem in Zoom. They


>> use Windows 10 with an open source screen reader software, called NVDA.


>> When they open the GoToWebinar app, the screen reader just announces a


>> window, nothing else. They cannot interact with it, not even get any


>> information about what was going on.”


>> I have to use this platform next week, is it still inaccessible?


>> Thanks Heather


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