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The amount of disk space used by contacts and e-mail is very small, especially in today’s large hard drives.  If you are running low on disk space and you want to keep most of what you have, I would very strongly recommend getting an external drive for additional content.  also, are you backing things up you don’t want to lose?  If not, sooner or later, you will lose what you haven’t backed up. 
Regarding not seeing many contacts but seeing lots of addresses when you use autocomplete, if that is what you are doing, e-mail programs don’t necessarily keep autocomplete information in the same place as contacts, which may account for the discrepancy.  But contacts, autocomplete information and e-mails take up such little space that getting rid of them will accomplish almost nothing. 
Also, are you using a pop3 or an IMAP account?

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Hello Everyone,


I am using outlook 2013 on my windows 7 computer.  Whenever I delete the items in the Draft folder, and I check the folder later, those same e-mails have returned.  Is there any way to permanently delete the e-mails in the Draft folder?


Another issue I have is that when I use Control-3 to read my contact list, only about eight contacts are listed, and these are contacts I don’t use that often.  However, when I am sending an e-mail message and use Control-N, contacts appear depending on which letter the contact started with.  When using this method, there are quite a few contacts that I would like to delete, but I have not figured out a way to do so. 


I have had these issues for quite a while, and as I am quickly running out of disk space, I am trying to delete as much as possible from my computer.  Thanks for any help.




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