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James Bentley

Gerald, Mike is correct.  You just wave the bills in front of the camera one after the other.


I find using the phone better than nothing but there is zero privacy.  And it can be a handfull, no, two handfulls if you are trying to straighten up wrinkled bills and keep up with the cash and phone and hope that some jerk doesn’t snatch both the money and phone.


For me, the phone is a last option.  And, I always try to read and arrange my cash before I go out.  I like debit cards better.




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I don't understand how a smart phone can be used to identify bills with only two hands.  It seems to me that one hand would be needed to hold the phone, while the other hand navigates the touchscreen to take a picture of the bill for the app to identify it.  But if both hands are engaged operating the phone, then how do you hold the bill?  It does not seem physically possible, unless you place the bill on a flat surface.  This is fine if you are in the privacy of your home, but is not very practical when you are on the go or in a store.  The IBill can be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to insert the bill for identification, which would make it  more convenient to use while on the go.





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Holly is talking about the iNote app on the iPhone.  I forget if it comes with the iPhone or if it's free from the App Store.



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What ap is this?

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Well, I just put the camera on top of the bill and lift it up a bit, until
you hear voice over announce the denomination of the bill.

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