Re: advice needed about domain names

Hope Williamson

Hi Nancy, of course you could get a Gmail address, or anything besides
your ISP. You don't have to buy a domain at all. Yahoo,, and
Fastmail would work too. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend Yahoo
if you're going to use something like Thunderbird. I'm pretty sure you
have to pay.

On 8/25/2021 8:24 PM, Nancy Hill wrote:

I have had my comcast email address for many years now and my husband
is thinking of switching providers.

I want to set up a new addie that I can keep going forward.  I was
wondering if I should consider buying a domain name.  I guess I could
switch to a google or yahoo addie, but I just don't know if I would
want to do that.

If I got a domain name, does anyone know where I can purchase the
domain and not have to pay more yearly.

I am confused and don't want to hop from one email addie to another.

Please give me some suggestions.

Thanks muchly,


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