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Richard Justice

Just for clarification
the letters following the period at the end of a file name
are known as the file extension.
Example: .msg, .eml, .pdf, .txt.
There are programs that will do what you want, but as already suggested,
it is best to save them as text files from the program that created them.

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LOL, ok, thanks



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Converting files usually is not so easy as just changing the extension.  Document types of  files with odd extensions are usually created by application programs that insert control codes into the files.  These codes look pretty strange when you read them with a ASCII text reader or editor.  To really convert them, you need a program that can strip out the control codes and  rewrite them as a plain ASCII text file.

An easier way to do it is to open the file in the program that created it, then re-save it using the program's "Save As" function; and save it to a txt file.

Two cents worth; Anyone can add a few cents or modify mine.


On 9/10/2021 6:23 PM, Sugar Lopez wrote:

Greetings all,

I am not sure if there is such a program that could help but lately, I’ve been attempting to change all my files on my documents to text files. I currently have them as .msg)from my outlook or e mail)


I have way to many of them.

I don’t want to change every file, since I like the option of going directly to a link and pressing enter to take me where I need to go, if I need to.

This is very helpful

I do have, for example, recipes and thing of this sort that I really don’t need to have them in msg. files.


does anyone know if there is a program that will convert msg. files to text? Using              

Using windows 10, office 2016, Jaws 2021  and outlook





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