Re: removing an Outlook account

Thomas N. Chan

The only reason why it might not work if you try to remove the email account is, thats the default email  in the profile.
you either create another one, set it as default and remove the other.

else, we are all speculating  whats the problem.

Thomas N. Chan

On Fri, 10 Sept 2021 at 00:37, david <davidmac1957@...> wrote:
hello, not sure on the steps your taking,
or, which version your asking about,
2019, 2016, and 365,
now press the letters i/s/a,
so, alt+f/i/s/a
you should land on the email accounts email tab,
now tab to the list of email accounts,
select the account you want to remove,
now you can either shift+tab to remove, or, simply tab around.
you can also get there by going to control panel,
m=mail Microsoft 32bit,
press enter,
now enter on email accounts...button,
again follow the above steps you should find the remove button.

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Hi all,
 I'm having trouble removing an Outlook account, I can find the button to
add an
account but I can't find one to remove an account.
Shouldn't there be one? If so, any idea why it isn't showing up, and is
another way I can remove an account? Using latest versions of Jaws, Windows
and Office 365. Really hope someone can help me out again!! Thanks Madison

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