Re: raising/lowering computer volume

Allen West

Hi Madison,

You can press insert F11 or Windows B to access the system tray and
Arrow to Speaker and press Enter. Down arrow to Volume control and
press Enter. Use the up and down arrow keys to raise and lower the
volume in small increments. For larger increments use the page up and
page down.
You can also create a shortcut to the Volume control on your desktop.
To do this:
1. Go to the Desktop and press Control Spacebar to unselect the icons.
2. Pres the Applications key or Shift F10 to open the Context menu.
3. Press W to move to and open the New submenu.
4. Down arrow once to Shortcut and press Enter.
5. Type this text without the quotes: "sndvol.exe".
6. Tab once to Next and press Enter.
7. Type the name of your shortcut, such as: Volume Control and press Enter.

Now the volume control is on your desktop. Press enter on this
shortcut and use the arrow keys or the page up and page down keys to
control the volume.


On 9/10/21, Madison Martin <madisonmartin463@...> wrote:
Hi all,
Can someone please remind me how to raise/lower the volume on my computer?
can't remember how to do it. Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10.

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