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Rich DeSteno

These are all valid observations, but I can tell you that the operation of this Verizon email has been so unprofessional and so contemptuous of customer concerns, that the wording and timing of this email are rather believable.  I abandoned this Verizon account a month or so ago for these very reasons.  Since I wrote this email, I have confirmed that this so-called Verizon email to customers is indeed spam.  However, the link does take you to the actual AOL web site, not some amateurish hackjob.  Thanks for all comments.

Rich De Steno
On 9/14/2021 8:54 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:

John, and even Gene,

Even small businesses make stupid mistates in theirpublications.  For years I've complained about the grammar in the publications of a few local non-profits of my affiliation.  If they can't write correctly, who would depend on their products?  I once wrote to State Farm Insurance to correct them; On their website, in their slogan, they spelled neighbor, nieghbor.  They corrected it immediately and wrote back to me saying I must have been looking at a Canadian website.

Oh well, ... such as it is.


On 9/14/2021 6:52 AM, John Holcomb II wrote:

I wouldn’t notice the grammar errors, but do know that Verizon wouldn’t email anybody saying stuff like this.




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From: Gene
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Also, this e-mail contains phrases a legitimate large business wouldn’t use.  It also contains a ridiculous usage error no large business would use.  Lots of small businesses wouldn’t make such errors either.


Your mailbox will be shutting down.  Your mailbox?  That is not an accurate phrase.  Your account will be shutting down.  You don’t have a mailbox.  the phrase will be shutting down is problamatic.  Will shut down or will be shut down are much more likely phrases.

Then there is this blatant grammatical error:

Please click the link below to update your account to avoid losing your mails:

Mails?  the plural of mail is mail.  And the word mail would not be used.  the word messages would be used.  Gramatical errors and errors in usage are common in phishing attacks.



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From: Gene

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Verizon Email Warning


The link appears not to have been forwarded.  I can’t look at it to see where it goes. 


I’d like to see where it goes, using the copy link feature of my e-mail program  but this is spam. 


A major business would not tell users their accounts will be closed one day beforehand.  The page you go to probably wants you to submit your username and password which would be completely unnecessary to retain your account.  I’m not advocating going to the site to find out.  It may have malicious code.  I think it is unlikely but I don’t recommend going there. 


Also, the message says nothing about a change of ownership.  This consideration doesn’t apply.  it says you will lose your account due to upgrades. Right.  What kind of upgrade would require you to verify your account.  I doubt there is any.


The e-mail is the usual panic the user ttype of phishing attack.  And why isn’t this a major story in the media reporting on technical matters.  This would be a major change affecting who knows how many ;perhaps hundreds of thousands or more users.  Yet not one peep in the general media or in technical ;publications for the layman. 



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From: Rich DeSteno

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Subject: [TechTalk] Verizon Email Warning


Verizon email has changed ownership several times, but has been under
AOL control for a few years.  Yesterday, I received the following notice
of possible closure of Verizon email accounts by tomorrow.  The provided
link does take you to the apparent genuine AOL web site.  Does anyone
know anything further about this and what is required to retain one's

Account update.

Dear Verizon User,

Your Mailbox will be Shutting down on the 15th September 2021, due to

Please click the link below to update your account to avoid losing your
Notice: Ignoring this message would lead to the termination of your
Mailbox without permission.

Rich De Steno


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