Re: Can't make G-Mail Basic view the default view after switching to Standard view

Joe Orozco

I mean, removing the ability to use HTML by default is one way to
motivate me to learn the standard interface, but it would be nice to
learn it on my own time as opposed to flipping a switch from one day
to the next. LOL. I'm glad they're aware of the issue and hopefully
working on it.--Joe

On 9/14/21, Bharat <> wrote:
Although just to add to everything that's been said above, I checked
with Google & they confirmed Basic HTML is very much available to all
the users all across. & that they have no plans of withdrawing the
feature. I was also told that not being able to find the button to
set basic HTML as default was something Google is looking into ^
they are aware of this bug.

On 9/14/21, Blaster <> wrote:
Thomas, Thank you very much for the instructions for signing out of
G-Mail. I didn't find that info on my google search and that was
driving me bonkers, lol. I appreciate your first hand opinion on
using G-Mail in standard mode and found what you say encouraging.

Take care,

On 9/13/21, Thomas N. Chan <> wrote:
I have been using purely standard view for a year or so.
Yes, set to basic html view by default is no longer available.
I don't know of any work around beside what you have provided. As I
understand, if you are use a support web browser, which support certain
interface like html 5 and webapp , by default, what your going to get,
will be standard view.

To logout in standard view, you just need to hit enter on your username
email address at the top of the page.
Right below google apps
Google account:
Once you hit enter, the menu will open, move down and you should find
sign out.

Google apps menu is where you can access to docs, sheet, photos, books,
slide, contacts and so on.

A lot of interface is not perfect but its very useable

Thomas N. Chan
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Subject: [TechTalk] Can't make G-Mail Basic view the default view after
switching to Standard view

Hi all,

So this is a question and possibly a warning regarding the default
view on a G-Mail e-mail account. I have a G-Mail e-mail account and
prefer to use the basic view layout, but often switch between basic
and standard view when I need to access some of the features only
available in standard view. Just within the past few days I noticed
the link that said something like "Make basic view the default view"
is no longer available after switching back to basic view from the
standard view. When I Googled this issue I found many people having
the same problem. The work-a-round for this is a little less than
satisfying, but it does do what I need it to do.


If I go to and login to my account I'll be in standard view
layout by default, I can click the switch to basic view manually, but
I need to do this every time I login.
Here's the work-a-round, If I Copy and paste this link to login to my
G-Mail account, once logged in I'm in the basic view layout just like
it used to be.

Finding a way to sign out of my G-Mail e-mail account when in standard
When in my e-mail account I couldn't find a sign out link or button.
If I Copy and paste this link into my browser while in my open G-Mail
e-mail account, it will sign me out of my account.

So here's my question. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Am I
missing something and making this more difficult than it needs to be?
Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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