Re: how do I uninstall jaws from my windows 10 laptop?

John Holcomb II


Do you know the specs of the laptop?




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No, my sighted cousin said that it was not this slow before he handed it over to me after the upgrade from 8.1 to windows 10.



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I have a  question..

, was it always this slow?

Is it slow for others without the screen reader running?





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Subject: [TechTalk] how do I uninstall jaws from my windows 10 laptop?


I have a laptop that originally came with windows 8.1 and that my cousin upgraded to windows 10 when windows offered the free upgrade.


I have jaws and NVDA installed on the computer and I have had one member of this list remotely enter my system to help me configure thunderbird to be used as my email client.


I noticed after my cousin gave me my computer back, with the upgraded version of windows 10 on it  that it was slow, like someone reading braille by letter by letter, but after they read the first letter, they have to check their learning braille books for the next letter one by one, on and on until they have the complete word spelled out and then they move on to the next letter.  I can click con a link  or option in the various windows or what not and walk away from the computer for about 2 to 3 minutes and  I will hear the computer just starting to do what I want it to do.


even the person who helped me remotely said "man, your computer is exceedingly slow"  have you degragged the hard drive.  my answer:  yes, several times.


I have removed apps, programs, ect and to no avail.


so, I  have asked here on the list and have had some luck from gene and perhaps 2 or 3 other people with helpful suggestions or websites to look at.


my cousin who upgraded the computer from windows 8 to windows 10

 said that it was probably the screen reading program that was slowing my system down.  So, I wish to do a test.  I wish to remove jaws  and run NVDA on it to test to see if jaws is the issue.  yes, I know, I know, why would the premier screen reading software company cause such a slow down on a system, but the whole "resetting" the computer to a "fresh copy of windows 10" did nothing to fix the issue, if I did it correctly via a webpage from the virge that gene had posted to the group. 


I do not wish to start a debate between members regarding resetting in windows 10 and restetting iin earlier versions as the word has ddifferent meanings in different versions of windows.


So, bottom of the line,  how do I remove a program from a windows 10 computer?


Thank you.




Keith Steinbach


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