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chris judge

Hey Monte:


I have a dell desktop keyboard that also has four keys to the left of the spacebar. The one between windows and control is some sort of function key, thus I’m guessing the same is true for yours. So the function key is between the control and windows keys, so to start narrator hold the first and third keys down, then press enter.


Hope this helps.


Chris Judge


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Sent: September 14, 2021 7:41 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] hp keyboard


Hi List,


Today I got a new hp pavilion desktop computer.

I hooked everything up and thought I could start narrator with;

Control plus win key plus enter.


No Joy!


I checked the keyboard  again and found that it has four keys  to the left of the space bar.

Can someone tell me what these keys are? 

Please do not tell me  tocontact hp help.

I  have   had nothing but total frustration trying to get a simple answer from those idiots!!!





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